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Suds with Luds Podcast: Part 1

By October 28, 2022No Comments

Ed, Dayn, and Reaghan Belfour were guests on the Suds with Luds podcast, hosted by Ed’s former teammate, Craig Ludwig.

In Part 1 of the interview, Ed started at the beginning — with his grandparents making moonshine on their farm in Saskatchewan. The art deco aesthetic of that time would later inspire the packaging and bottle design for Belfour Spirits.

Jumping ahead several decades, Ed’s son, Dayn, became interested in the spirits industry — and spirits themselves — while in college and started researching. Ed wanted to get involved but was still playing at the time, and league rules prohibited it. After Ed retired, he and Dayn happened to catch an episode of Moonshiners and decided to revisit the idea of getting into the whiskey business.

Dayn learned the distilling process first-hand during an internship in Colorado. He made whiskey during the day and coached hockey at night.

Reaghan and Dayn told Craig of the challenges in navigating each state’s liquor laws, creating relationships with distributors, and getting their product onto store shelves and into bars. Ed praised the siblings for their expertise at their respective positions in the company.

Part 2 of the interview will be released in an upcoming episode.