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Belfour Spirits Born for Glory

Belfour Spirits is a true family-run, premium spirits company led by Hockey Hall of Famer Ed Belfour.

From the design of our rye and bourbon bottles to the Jazz Age exuberance visitors will feel when visiting our future distillery home, the hallmark of the Belfour Spirits brand is attention to detail and a focus on excellence.

This is the ultimate whiskey experience…one that embodies the finest ingredients and hand-crafted processes with the accountability, camaraderie and electric personality of a winning team.

For those who live life “all in,” this is your victory lap. Your career-defining move. Your family reunion. Your opening day. This is your whiskey for all the moments worth celebrating.


Small Batch

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

50.25% ALC/VOL, 100.5 Proof, 750 ML and 200 ML

Made up of only 95 barrels, the Belfour’s first Small Batch release is a Straight Bourbon Whiskey that comes alive with beautiful aromas of wildflower honey. Creamy sweet flavors lead to a finish that is complex and evolving with notes of honey graham cracker, candied orange peel and sweet pipe tobacco. This Small Batch will surprise your senses with every sip!

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