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Our Story

Crafted by family members who couldn’t be more different in personality, what they share in common is what matters most.

Raised by Ed Belfour, who demonstrated his most closely held values on the ice during a 20-year career in the NHL, son Dayn (30) and daughter Reaghan (27) learned about intense focus, selflessness for team and a relentless pursuit to win.

Like many who try to determine their “new normal” after retirement, it wasn’t a seamless transition for Ed Belfour post-hockey. Around this same time, Dayn was transitioning out of his semi-pro hockey career, and the two were making up for lost time on the road, sharing locker-room stories, quoting movies, often sipping whiskey together and talking about what the future might look like.

One night, the conversation of “what we enjoy doing” quickly manifested into a business plan. Ed and Dayn purchased their first still. And so began another legendary story around family, spirits and the continued journey of greatness.

The Next Chapter

For Ed Belfour, hockey is just the beginning of the legacy he wishes to leave. This is more than a job to him; it’s a second dream come true.

And with that opportunity, comes the privilege to live each day better than the one before and the responsibility to influence the lives of others.

As a company, Belfour Spirits looks forward to advancing the sport of hockey (developing youth player and assisting retired hockey players in need), supporting active duty military and veterans back home, and caring for abused and neglected dogs.

We invite you to share in the Belfour Spirits journey as our story together unfolds.


We are creating more than just another whiskey brand. We take tremendous pride in putting our family name on these spirits.”  – Ed Belfour


For Dad, it was always about putting in what you wanted to get out. There’s no one who prepares more intensely, physically, and mentally for games. I would always attempt to mimic that, but he’s definitely in a league of his own in hockey and now whiskey.” – Dayn Belfour 


While everyone saw the glory of my dad’s hockey career, I saw the blood, sweat and tears that he poured into it. I will always remember falling asleep at the rink waiting on my dad in the locker room after a game. He was riding the stationary bike (as if an NHL game wasn’t enough of a workout!), taking an ice bath, sharpening his skates. Whatever he felt he needed to do in that moment to be one thing… the best. I did not play hockey, but I learned tremendous life lessons from the game.” – Reaghan Belfour

We are inspired by the lives of legends, warriors, and everyday heroes who capture the true spirit of champions.

As individuals and as a team, we are guided by the following shared values, defined as:

Family: To love, protect and cherish both people and tradition

Team: A unique bond with those who have your back and have your unending support

Effort: To honor your God-given gifts and match with intensity of heart

Respect: To admire and learn from generations of greatness 


Join us in pouring a glass of Belfour Spirits and sharing your own legendary stories of remarkable relationships and awe-inspiring action with those most meaningful to you. 



Our Journey

  • 1930

    Generations of Moonshiners,

    Grandma and Grandpa Belfour
    Saskatchewan, Canada


    belfour grandparents
  • Summer 2014

    Purchased First Belfour Still

    Family Ranch in Whitewright, Texas

  • April 2016

    Attended Canadian Craft Distilling Institute

    Kelowna, BC

  • Summer 2016

    Education on Barrels at Black Swan Cooperage
    Park Rapids, MN

    ed at black swan
  • April 2017

    Attended Moonshine University

    Louisville, KY

  • Summer 2017

    Drafted Distillery Architecture Plans

  • Summer 2017

    First Batch of Barrels Made

    Woody Creek Distillery, Basalt, CO

    Dayn - Summer 2017
  • October 2017

    Second Batch of Barrels Made, Southern Distilling

    Statesville, NC

  • October 2018

    Visiting Kelvin Cooperage

    Louisville, KY

  • November 2018

    Tasting at Southern Distilling

    Statesville, NC

  • January 2019

    Bottle Label Design at Eurostampa

    Cincinnati, OH

  • March 2019

    Third Batch of Barrels Made at Southern Distilling

    Statesville, NC

  • Summer 2019

    Bottle Production

    Germany & Mexico

  • July 2019

    Dumping & Proofing Round I

    Woody Creek Distillery, Basalt, CO

  • July 2019

    Dumping & Proofing Round II

    Statesville, NC

  • August 2019

    Bottling at Flavorman

    Louisville, KY

  • November 2020

    Launch of first Special Edition offering

    November 2020
  • May 2021

    Launch of first Small Batch offering

    May 2021