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The Spirit of Champions™

Our Spirits

Hockey fans who know and love Ed Belfour agree that he never settled for “just good enough.” He has his own style, sophistication and renegade spirit that prepared him for the greatest challenges on the ice.

Ed is now applying decades of hockey lessons learned about performance, time investment, teamwork, and perfection of skill to the creation and aging of the family’s fine spirits.

Belfour Spirits’ whiskey is intentionally well balanced, not too heavy with sweet or spice. Drink it neat, over ice or in your own cocktail creation. This whiskey isn’t bound by rules. It’s open to your own style. And you’re sure to find a spirit here that speaks to your heart.

Expect the unexpected from our spirits - unique compositions to impress whiskey aficionados, and a balanced, smooth taste for those who prefer an easy-to-drink whiskey."  Dayn Belfour

Our Process

Translating On-ice Intensity into Distillation Precision

Defending your net in hockey instills the ultimate in confidence, focus, and anticipation of the unexpected – skills we now use every day in our family business. 

Since 2014, we’ve been on an endless pursuit to learn every aspect of the whiskey business. We attended distillation schools in both Kentucky and Canada, put our hands-on equipment, and met with industry veterans and rookies alike.

The result is our philosophy of making premium spirits:

  • We meticulously handcraft in small batches, paying attention to the science and art of fermentation, distillation and aging.
  • We use premium ingredients that make velvety smooth spirits.
  • As a family-run business, our whiskeys are infused with immense passion and standard.
  • Our spirits are presented in elegant, decanter-like bottles that beg to grace your bar.

Belfour Spirits has already created 1,700 barrels of whiskey, and more are slated for production in 2020 and each year beyond.

While our corporate office we remain in Dallas, we are in the process of laying distillery roots in southwestern Kentucky, allowing us to grow in the heart of Bourbon Country.

In the meantime, our whiskey is enjoying time at Southern Distilling in North Carolina. From milling of grain, to fermentation, to aging, we invite you to learn more about how we make our spirits.


From day one, we’ve been all in. Hands-on in everything we do from barrel selection to mash bill creation to blending and proofing. We pay attention to details. All of them. All the time. And we only stop at perfection.”  Ed Belfour

Rye Whiskey

A nostalgic Rye Whiskey, this spirit honors the traditional profile of a Northeast American mash-bill. A brown sugar aroma is followed by delicious attributes of roasted nuts and an intricate finish of toffee with a docile heat. This 94-proof Rye is smooth enough even for bourbon enthusiasts.

Bourbon Whiskey Finished With Texas Pecan Wood

The wonder of a 300-year-old, oversized pecan tree on the old Belfour ranch in Van Alstyne, Texas, inspired this unique spirit. Born out of natural beauty from the Lone Star State, this 92-proof Bourbon Whiskey aged beautifully in American white oak barrels then finished for an additional eight weeks with added staves of Texas pecan wood, allowing notes of caramel, vanilla, brown sugar and roasted pecan to mature.

Limited Editions

Belfour Spirits is proud to introduce its first limited-edition whiskey. A true father-son effort, Ed created the unique mash bill, and Dayn distilled and aged it in the Colorado Rockies, making only 12 special barrels. 


Special Editions

Belfour Spirits is proud to introduce our first special-edition whiskey to join the Spirit of Champions lineup. Belfour Special Editions represents unique spirits and packaging to honor truly incredible people, places and time.

Small Batch

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

50.25% ALC/VOL, 100.5 Proof, 750 ML and 200 ML

Made up of only 95 barrels, the Belfour’s first Small Batch release is a Straight Bourbon Whiskey that comes alive with beautiful aromas of wildflower honey. Creamy sweet flavors lead to a finish that is complex and evolving with notes of honey graham cracker, candied orange peel and sweet pipe tobacco. This Small Batch will surprise your senses with every sip!