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Belfour Spirits Expands Whiskey Distribution To North Dakota, South Dakota

Familiar Territory for University of North Dakota NCAA Champion and Hockey Hall of Famer Ed Belfour

DALLAS (Feb. 26, 2020) – Belfour Spirits has expanded distribution of its ultra-premium whiskey family of products – known as The Spirit of Champions™ – with product availability now in North Dakota and later in March in South Dakota. The brand launched in October 2019 in Illinois and Texas and has plans for additional market expansion throughout 2020. 

The company is founded and led by Hockey Hall of Famer, Stanley Cup winner and Olympian Ed Belfour, who teamed up with his son and daughter to translate his on-ice intensity into a new passion: hand-crafting spirits with unique character for whiskey aficionados and cocktail enthusiasts.

Belfour has close ties to the region having grown up in Carman, Manitoba, about 60 miles north of North Dakota. In addition, he helped lead the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux to its NCAA hockey championship in the 1986-1987 season. Nicknamed “Eddie the Eagle,” Belfour went on to enjoy a nearly 20-year career (playing in 1,124 games) in the National Hockey League (NHL).

“We take tremendous pride in building a second legacy for the Belfour name,” said Ed Belfour, CEO of Belfour Spirits, who retired from professional hockey in 2008. “We’re taking everything we learned on the ice – attention to detail, creativity, dedication, teamwork – and applying it to distilling whiskey made with the finest ingredients. Introducing our whiskey to these two new states is incredibly special for me. The Fighting Sioux will always engrained in my heart.”

As part of its launch in the region, Belfour Spirits will debut with four in-store whiskey tastings in Fargo and Grand Forks, N.D., Feb. 27-29, 2020. Ed Belfour will sign purchased bottles plus one personal item or photo, per person. Dayn Belfour will also be on site to share more about the distillation process. A full schedule of events is available at BelfourSpirits.com/news-events.

A Journey Six Years in the Making

For the past six years, two generations of the Belfour family (including Ed, son Dayn, 30, and daughter Reaghan, 27) have been working toward one goal: to produce a whiskey worthy of a championship, that tastes as luxurious as its unique 1920s-inspired, decanter-like bottle with a pattern that resembles cut crystal.

This father-son duo is applying lessons learned during their respective professional hockey careers and industry education gained from attending two whiskey schools (Canadian Craft Distilling Institute in Kelowna, B.C., and Moonshine University in Louisville, Ky.). The Belfours have distilled more than 1,988 barrels of whiskey to date.

From Barrel to Bottle

All but 12 of its 1,988 barrels were distilled in Statesville, N.C., by Ed and Dayn in partnership with Southern Distilling.

Dayn made the other 12 barrels during his internship at Woody Creek Distillery in Basalt, Colo. Those barrels aged into the brand’s Limited Edition Straight Rye Whiskey. Fewer than 2,700 bottles were made, and all are presented in a one-of-a-kind collector’s bottle and box.

“We meticulously hand craft in small batches, paying attention to the art of barrel selection, charring and blending,” said Dayn Belfour, vice president of distilling and production for Belfour Spirits. “Our whiskey is intentionally well balanced, not too heavy with sweet or spice, and every bottle is infused with our family’s shared, immense passion.”

Three spirits – all bottled in Louisville, Ky. – are included today in the brand’s portfolio:

Bourbon Whiskey Finished With Texas Pecan Wood                                                

46% ABV, 92 Proof, 750 ML

The majestic beauty of a 300-year-old, oversized pecan tree on the old Belfour ranch in North Texas inspired this unique spirit. This Bourbon Whiskey aged in American white oak barrels then spent extra time mellowing with added staves of Texas pecan wood, imparting subtle notes of brown sugar and heavy notes of smoky roasted pecan.

  • Appearance: Golden honey, light amber
  • Nose: Nutty, butterscotch, crème brulee
  • Taste: Smoky vanilla, molasses
  • Finish: Long mellow warmth with a rich mouthfeel layered with vanilla

Rye Whiskey                                                                                                                 

47% ABV, 94 Proof, 750 ML

A nontraditional tasting Rye Whiskey, this spirit honors a nostalgic mash bill profile and has unexpected flavors for its kind.

  • Appearance: Golden honey, medium amber
  • Nose: A burnt sea salted vanilla caramel aroma, leather
  • Taste: Sweet caramel, butterscotch, cinnamon
  • Finish: Full-bodied velvety warmth that lingers with a peppermint finish

Limited Edition Straight Rye Whiskey                                                                       

50% ABV, 100 Proof, 750 ML

This Limited Edition is offered at 100 proof and presented in an autographed collector’s bottle, featuring a 1 oz. chalice cork that is plated in sterling silver.

  • Appearance: Golden honey, light amber
  • Nose: Smoke pear, plum, dark chocolate
  • Taste: Light almond, white pepper, pear, apple
  • Finish: Elegant lingering smoke, lasting warmth

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits distributes Belfour Spirits in Illinois and Texas, as well as North Dakota and South Dakota. To find where Belfour Spirits is sold, consumers can visit the “Where to Buy” locator at BelfourSpirits.com.

About Belfour Spirits

Led by Hockey Hall of Famer Ed Belfour, Belfour Spirits is an ultra-premium whiskey producer known for its spirits’ unique character and stunning packaging. In 2014, the Belfour family began their journey to hand craft exceptionally smooth and well-balanced whiskey made from the finest ingredients. Today, the company has distilled more than 1,988 barrels of whiskey. Belfour Spirits distributes in Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas, with additional markets expected in 2020 and beyond. To learn more, visit BelfourSpirits.com, or follow on Facebook and Instagram @belfourspirits and on Twitter @belfour_spirits.