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Tendy Talk Podcast

Tendy Talk

This is a fun one, folks! Host Joe Drennan of Hugo, MN, invited Ed and Dayn Belfour on his podcast, Tendy Talk. You'll hear stories of deer hair in the crease, how Dayn became a goalie, and what it was like for pro goalie dad to watch his son in net. 

From Joe: "Episode 24 of Tendy Talk was a special one for me. When I started the podcast I told my wife that maybe I’d be lucky enough to have my childhood idol Ed Belfour on as a guest. Well, not only was I able to have Ed on Tendy Talk as a guest, but his son Dayn who is also a goalie joined us as we talked about how they wound up between the pipes, tinkering with equipment and their whisky business Belfour Spirits. If they sell Belfour Spirits whisky in your neck of the woods, pour yourself a glass, and enjoy the episode."