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Blackhawks Talk Podcast

Blackhawks Talk Podcast

Blackhawks Talk Podcast Goes 1-on-1 with Legendary Hawks Goalie Ed Belfour 

"In a special bonus episode of the Blackhawks Talk Podcast for 'Goalie Week,' Scott King goes 1-on-1 with Hall of Fame goalie Ed Belfour as they discuss his career, his time with the Blackhawks, his life after hockey, and his thoughts on the Blackhawks' current goalie competition."

Interview highlights:

(1:20) - Navigating a business through Covid

(3:30) - Belfour's unlikely journey to the NHL

(6:30) - Ed on his approach to the game when he played

(13:25) - How did Belfour get the nickname, “The Eagle”?

(17:12) - Being considered one of the greatest Blackhawks goalies of all time

(20:45) - Belfour's “One More Shift” in 2017 with the Hawks

(22:54) - Winning the Stanley Cup