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Cocktail Recipes

Canadian Tropic

Celebrate Summer Nights... Light & Refreshing

2 oz. Belfour Rye Whiskey

¾ lemon

¾ lime

¾ pineapple

1 oz. simple syrup

¼ oz. orange liqueur

¾ oz. Ancho/Chipotle/Citrus reduction (see below)

Shake, strain and enjoy!


Ancho/Chipotle/Citrus reduction

(Make to taste based on citrus flavor and pepper flavor.)


1 dried ancho chili

2 whole chipotle peppers

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

Add to pot

Light simmer

Add all citrus juices:

6-8 oz. lemon

6-8 oz. lime

6-8 oz. orange

6 oz. grapefruit

8 oz. pineapple


Let cool 1 hour

Blend and double strain

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