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Celebrating Legends

A life That Inspires

Legends are all around us. From those conquering the unimaginable to the humble next door neighbor who protects us day in and day out. We raise a glass to these legends – those we know and treasure, and those we have yet to meet.

In the Belfour Spirits Legends series, we turn the tables and put Ed in the reporter seat. He will showcase special interviews, talking one-on-one with remarkable individuals who have influenced his life. We’re confident they will leave a lasting impression on your life too.

Celebrating Legends: Bobby Hull

Bobby Hull
Bobby Hull

Bobby Hull. The Golden Jet. Our second legend is one of the most special people in Ed Belfour’s life.

Nine-year-old Eddie first met Mr. Hull in Carman, Manitoba, and describes the encounter as being “on cloud nine” when the Golden Jet gave him one of his famous golden pucks, a treasure Ed still has today.

Years later, Bobby – then retired - visited Eddie in the locker room in between periods of an NHL playoff game with the Eagle with a motivational message to relax and play his game. Another incredible moment.

Over the years, their relationship has grown into a beautiful friendship…decades strong, full of mutual respect, admiration, and many things in common. Both honored to wear the Blackhawks jersey. Both multiple trophy winners and inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Both with children who followed in their footsteps to play professional hockey. Both a legend in their own regard.

Ed had the opportunity to interview his hero in October 2020 in Chicago. You’ll probably find yourself smiling or with some goosebumps while watching these clips. Enjoy this treasured conversation.


"The Best Hockey Ambassador"

"I would have played for free"

"7 Minutes... Felt like 70"

"Go relax and play your game"